DE EPSCoR Programs

There are number of EPSCoR programs and projects in Delaware.

NASA EPSCoR objectives are to:

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Track-2 Focused EPSCoR Collaborations (RII Track-2 FEC). RII Track-2 FEC builds interjurisdictional collaborative teams of EPSCoR investigators in scientific focus areas consistent with NSF priorities. Projects are investigator-driven and must include researchers from at least two RII- eligible jurisdictions with complementary expertise and resources necessary to tackle those projects, which neither party could address as well or rapidly alone.

Current funded projects in Delaware:

RII Track-2 FEC: Neural networks underlying the integration of knowledge and perception
Award Number:1632849; Principal Investigator: Jared Medina (UD); Co-Principal Investigator:Timothy Vickery (UD), Matthew Johnson (NE), Jacqueline Snow (NV), Marian Berryhill (NV)

RII Track-2 FEC: G2P in VOM: An Experimental and Analytical Framework for Genome to Phenome Connections in Viruses of Microbes
Award Number:1736030; Principal Investigator:K. Wommack (UD); Co-Principal Investigator:Jason Gleghorn, Grieg Steward, James Van Etten, Marcia Marston.

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RII Track-4 provides opportunities for non-tenured investigators to further develop their individual research potential through extended collaborative visits to the nation’s premier private, governmental, or academic research centers.

Current funded projects in Delaware:

RII Track-4: Terahertz Spintronics; Award Number:1833000; Principal Investigator:Matthias Jungfleisch; Organization: University of Delaware

RII Track-4: Multiple Global Change Factors Control Forest Nitrogen Cycling – Remote Sensing and Machine Learning Identify Forest Function Across Developed Landscapes; Award Number:1832882; Principal Investigator:Tara Trammell; Organization: University of Delaware

RII Track-4: Experiments on a High Intensity, Coherent Plasma Laser through Stimulated Raman Backscattering; Award Number:1833015; Principal Investigator:Jun Ren; Organization:Delaware State University

RII Track-4: Microscale processes controlling speciation and transformation of phosphorus in soils; Award Number:1738770; Principal Investigator:Deb Jaisi; Organization

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The U.S. Department of Energy’s Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (DOE EPSCoR) is a federal-state partnership program designed to enhance the capabilities of designated states and territories to conduct sustainable and nationally competitive energy-related research. To learn more, click link here.