Economic Development

A major goal of Delaware EPSCoR program is to help the State’s economy by attracting a broad range of students to science and technology careers and by catalyzing the development of advanced technology-based businesses and new jobs. EPSCoR’s emphasis on collaboration with government agencies, industry and nonprofit organizations is one way the program makes an impact on the State’s economy.

EPSCoR also has a relationship with the University of Delaware’s Office of Economic Innovation and Partnerships, which helps file patent applications and provides business development mentoring to EPSCoR network faculty.

An initiative to contribute to the development of the 21st Century Workforce by providing teams of undergraduate students with an experiential opportunity in entrepreneurship by engaging in the solution of real world business problems within a real world entrepreneurial environment is well underway. The purpose of the initiative, called Spin In®, is for early stage entrepreneurial companies to spin in their promising innovative ideas to the university, in situations where they don’t have the resources or expertise to develop the ideas on their own. establish a strong economic development/work force development track is well underway. Since 2012, 20 teams have supported 14 entrepreneurs. 91 students have been impacted and of the 37 graduating seniors, eight have received job offers. Five new products have been commercialized resulting in the formation of three new companies; five products are under continued development. This unique business-university interaction is truly magical, leading to rapid-fire innovations and fast development of new ideas (University of Delaware Research Magazine, Fall 2015).